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Марина Аланья, Турция

Цена: 7 000 000 евро
Местоположение: Турция
Ссылка: www.homealanya.ru
Gazipaşa Marina construction was started 19 years ago; construction continued in the terms of various governments; marina’s infrastructure and filling works, main reakwater, secondary breakwater and ferryboat pierwerecompleted. Gazipaşa Marina construction was stopped11years ago duetolackofbudgetal location.
Later, “Gazipaşa Marina Construction” work was tendered by DLH with Build-Operate-Transfer Model pursuantto
Law Number 3996 and the tender wasconcludedon 11.07.2007; the tender was awardedtothefirm“AYDOĞAN TURİZM TAAHHÜT TİCARET VE SANAYİ A.Ş.”
Forthe purpose of carrying outthe works underthe contract signed by and between the DLH and the firm on 10.09.2008, a company was founded under the name of GAZİPAŞA MARİNA HİZMETLERİ DENİZCİLİK TURİZM
INC.); works and actions related with Gazipaşa Marina are being performed by this firm.
Pursuant to the Build-Operate-Transfer model contract signed by and between the DLH and the firm on 10.09.2008, the cost of the works and the investment to be performed under the name of Assigned Companyis
expected to be 7.000.000 Euros.
Presently, the main breakwater of 644 meters in length, secondary breakwater of 139 meters in length and light house towers have been constructed. With the investment to be made by the firm; apierof 362meters in
length and 4 meters in depth, 3 yacht docking jetties of 3 meters width and 320 meters of total length, travel lift pier, piled way, sloped boatyard, back site filling and some site concrete, electricity and water installation works will be made; thus facility will be made available for mooring minimum 216 yachts of various lengths and water drafts. Also, maintenance and boatyard services will be provided to 50 yachts on land (Land capacity may be increased to 150 yachts with newly added areas).
Totall and area is 89.000m2 and total sea area is 104.000m2. According to the building approval permitted on land areas, it is planned to build 4.450 m2 of social and service facilities.
There is also a ferryboat docking pier at the marina. Upon completion of the project, Cyprus ferryboats will start their trips from our marina. There are two movie theaters, a small shopping center, sports center and an amphitheater in the project. We think that the marina will make positive contributions to the social and cultural structure ofthe region in addition to the development oftourism in the region.
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